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Do Reviews Really Reflect Your Writing? From BookDaily....Don't Despair. It May Not Be Your Writing.....

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I've had my shared of good and bad reviews for my debut novel, Shattered Lies, and I wholeheartedly agree with the post below. Some people just don't know how to write a review. They may be prejudiced toward your book's subject matter. They may just be having a bad day and they take it out on your book. I've had one reviewer think Shattered Lies was a mystery novel and when it wasn't, I was penalized for it. I have another reviewer state their love for the book but just gave three stars. I received another review that didn't like the homosexuality side storyline in Shattered Lies and based their entire review on that bias.
Received a bad review? Don't fret. Don't take it personal. Just move onward and upward onto your next project.
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Do Reviews Really Reflect Your Writing? | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Maybe It’s Not You

We’ve all been befuddled, disappointed, angry, and otherwise upset by some of the reviews we’ve received on Amazon or Goodreads. But before you let bad reviews undermine your confidence, consider the problem may be with the reviewer and not your work.

I received a 3-star review with the comment, “Good book. I really enjoyed …” The comment and the rating don’t match. A book so praised should warrant at least 4 stars.

I also received a 3-star rating without a comment. Yet the reader went on to buy the other four books in the series. Really? With all the books available, I certainly wouldn’t buy books I found to be mediocre. The man also gave the other titles 3 stars.

Some people who leave reviews or ratings have their own agenda or rating scale. I’ve learned to check what kind of ratings the reviewer gives to other books when I receive a 3-star rating or less to discern whether or not the rating is a reflection of my work or the reviewer. I usually find that my rating is the same as those given to most of the books reviewed.

I cringed at a 2-star rating but discovered that was the reviewer’s favorite rating. My first thought was that if he found books to be so uninspiring, perhaps he should be watching TV or movies. As I glanced down his list, however, I found titles of other 2-star books that I had read and liked very much. At least I was in good company. Then I wondered if he had confused and reversed the scale, thinking that 1 or 2 stars meant the better books.

My best example is a 1-star rating. I cried when I saw it. In checking the reviewer (click on their name), I found a statement that said she only liked to read historical fiction. That being the case, why would she elect to read a mystery and then slam it because it didn’t fit the genre she preferred?
Unfortunately, readers may not go to the trouble of checking reviewers, and we have to live with their ratings. I am not sure that Goodreads is a benefit to either the author or potential readers when reviewers can assign ratings, especially low ones, without justifying them. Low ratings hurt an author and can mislead readers.

That leads to the mystery of the amount of reviews or ratings we receive. Don’t be discouraged or interpret a lack of response as a reflection of your work. I get very few reviews. In the last week, I’ve received a handful of ratings on Goodreads and not one review on Amazon, but have sold almost 500 books. Please keep in mind that most of the titles that sold are part of a series. I can watch the numbers increase as readers work their way through the series. I am assuming here that most readers don’t continue to buy titles in a series unless they like the books.

A lack of reviews or low ratings certainly affects our rankings as they are part of Amazon’s algorithms, but don’t always interpret the lack as a valid comment on your writing or let it dishearten you. Enjoy the good reviews and keep writing.

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