Meet S.J. Francis #Author of Shattered Lies. #ReleaseDay #Women’sFiction #Giveaway

SJFullSizeRenderMe: Today I have the pleasure of speaking with author S.J. Francis on the release day of Shattered Lies. Francis and I are published by the same house, Black Opal Books. Thank you for spending time with me today. You have such an impressive bio, with over three hundred publishing credits. Can you tell us about your writing career before your debut novel?

S.J. First, I must say, thank you, Ronnie for sharing this exciting day with me and for hosting me on your blog.
What should I say that won’t bore anyone? While a senior in high school, after complaining to a friend about what I should do with all the story ideas dancing about in my head, I began writing them down and sending them out for publication. Finally, after submitting about a dozen stories to different publications and getting more discouraged by the day with each rejection letter, I sold my first short story to a national magazine a year later. Then another. I also became an intern at a local newspaper. While in college, I interned at FOX TV and therein began my career in television production rising to executive producer. I directed, and created two original series. I wrote some scripts. I still wrote short stories and articles during all the years, which were published in various magazines under different pen names. To date, I’ve written over a dozen novels, but Shattered Lies is the first one I actively sought for publication, and here I am.