Monday, January 20, 2014

Writing, editing and raking-Oh My!

Today I spent the day raking leaves while wishing I was writing; even editing would have been better, though I must admit that I do relish being out in the fresh air and sunshine. Yes, where we live there is sunshine and the dark, dank, cold, harsh bitterness of winter resides up north rather than down here.

 Ah-the south-it's a beautiful place to be, especially during this time of year.

 So-what shall it be? Writing or editing this week, or both. I'm so busy at both that I don't know where to go next, but we shall see.

 First off, I really must finish the sequel to my novel All Heave Allows and then begin the sequel to Far Away Hills. We shall see where it leads to. I sent out some more queries for Far Away Hills today and I wait with bated breath.

 Until next time....hang in there. Have a great day!

S.J. Francis

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