Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today is the day to Live your Life!

Question: Women, this question is mainly for you, but not just for you....

Why don’t they put pockets on pants for women? Ever look at a pair of pants that you love and wonder why there are no pockets? Why is that? Do manufacturers actually think women don’t use pockets; don’t need them? I don’t know about you, but I use pockets for some small cash, keys and just my hands. I don’t get it. Why in this day and age are women’s pants still made without pockets? Is it some kind of male conspiracy or double standard? Men’s pants have pockets. Men's shorts have pockets. Heck, even men’s swimming trunks have pockets. Just a thought. I put on a pair of brand new pants today that I ordered online some time ago. Yes, I have a great deal of clothes that I forget to wear. Who doesn’t? It still had the tags on it and when I donned them, guess what? No pockets. I guess I missed that small detail when I purchased them since another pair that I purchased a few years back had pockets and I loved them. Go figure. I wonder what manufacturers and designers are thinking when they put pockets on men’s wear and not women’s. Again, just a thought and my ramble for today.

Live your life. Take a breath. Slow and deep. Count to three and slowly let it out. Do this three times. Feel  relaxed? Good? If not, try again. Let your mind go blank. The deal is to relax and savor the scents and sights and sounds around you. Close your eyes if it helps.  Before you know it, it'll be Friday; your Friday. Enjoy it while you can. Life is short so savor the small and the big equally.
Until next time.....Cheers! :)

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