Saturday, November 1, 2014

Balancing Your Writing with Social Media...How I do it....

Balancing Your Writing with Social Media...How I do it.

How Do You Balance Your Writing with Social Media?            
Excellent question. Up until several years ago, social media in its present form didn’t exist and life went along fine and happy without it. Social media was television and newspapers and magazines and talking on the phone. Networking was done in person. Internet? What’s that? Twitter? Face Book? My Space? Up until several years ago, these entities didn’t exist. Now, it seems due to the rise and fascination with it, life can’t get along without it. Unless one is ‘out there’ in social media one really doesn’t exist. Social Media is a way of life, though many of us struggle with balancing it with life. A business professional, especially a writer needs social media to make a presence, connect with their audience, and take a stand. However, a writer also needs to write for that is what a writer is and does.
Whether one likes it or not, social media is a necessity. I like to call it a necessary evil. How do you balance social media with your life, your career, your writing? For me, just like when I enter a swimming pool, instead of inching in a toe at a time, I dove in head first and immersed myself in it. I learned as I went along, conducting research and watching how others did it along the way. I’ve learned a great deal, and as each day progresses I learn a great deal more.
                                                              For me, what works best is balancing my writing with social media as I balance sitting down with standing up. I alternate. I write for an hour or two and then, and only then do I go onto the internet and work with my social media. Depending on how much writing and/or editing I got through that day determines how much time I allow myself on twitter, face book, etc. Usually, I allot myself no more than an hour at a time per social media site, or for all four total if there isn’t much to do with it that day. More so, if it is required of me. I believe in connecting with and engaging with others and for me that means personal messages. For me, this seems to work out for a perfect balance between writing and handling social media. It isn’t perfect, I prefer writing and sometimes skip the social media for that day. Sometimes, I spend too much time with social media, but usually it works just fine with the aid of a kitchen timer. A kitchen timer is a valuable tool not restricted for use in the kitchen.  Of course, this is what works for me. It may not work for you. Only you know what you can handle and how to go about doing it. The trick I found to work with me is to experiment with all at once and as time goes by, when it becomes overwhelming, pick one or two or three that works for you and keep with it. You'll find, as I did that you'll favor one over another etc.  The important thing is to engage with your audience not just connect with them. Of course, I'm still with all the social media I began with and added more along the way.
If this post helps you manage your writing with social media, or gives you an idea on how to do so, please leave me a comment and let me know. I love to hear from others and comments, good or bad are always welcome and helpful.
Until next time…Stay safe! Smile! Be kind to one another! Show compassion to all living things.
S.J. Francis     

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