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Using Real Places in fiction...From Book Daily.....

Using Real Places in Fiction | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Personalize your book for immediate book sales in your community. Whether you are writing fiction, or non-fiction books, highlighting popular attractions, familiar landmarks, and places of interest, increases desire for your book. Owners of unique restaurants and local businesses love the idea of free publicity that comes with a mention of them in a smart and positive light.
All books have a setting. It is wise to choose beloved, historical and famous people and places that your characters interact with. Be as descriptive as possible, including all five senses, or six or more for science fiction writers. Using this sense of familiarity warmly invites your readers to be in the moment with your characters and to be transported to places they have enjoyed in the past.
Aside from friends and family, my first book sales came from the places of interest mentioned in my book, MYSTERY OF THE STURBRIDGE KEYS – CHRISTMAS UNLOCKED. My first book signing engagement came from a business mentioned in my book. Since the title of my book also included the mystery and history of Christmas, one business asked me if I would come to their annual Night Owl Christmas Open House on Dec 9, 2016. I gladly accepted.
Mentioning local hotspots in your area, or the locality you are writing about also has another advantage. Most restaurants, destinations, points of interest and popular businesses have their own social media online, which immediately benefits the author who includes them. It is a two-way win-win. For example, I included the Bird Store And More, on Cedar Street in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, who happens to sell a galvanized bear-proof, bird feeding pole, which I mentioned in my book.
I wrote about what I knew from personal experience. I live in this area where black bear torn down and broke four of my bird feeders. On their store website and Facebook page, they have a video of a black bear trying his best to get at the black oiled sunflower seed, their favorite food. I went onto their Facebook website, and shared this video on the Facebook page for my book. I also was able to go on their Facebook page and thank them personally for inviting me to be part of their annual event. They only allow one local vendor each year to be part of their Christmas Open House.
Including holidays in your writing expands your audience and sales instantly. Many bookstores, and other stores that sell books, like to feature holiday items. Books with the name of the holiday listed in the subtitle attracts the eye of store managers and staff who are always on the lookout for this exact marketing hook.
Writing about popular landmarks and points of interest have a sense of fun familiarity for readers who have been to these locations. Vacations only last so long, but a mystery, theme or specific event, like a marathon involving numerous people will speak to this wide audience, and be more likely to increase your sales.
There are countless famous people in history who your characters can interact with, in the fiction/fantasy setting. History has a history of repeating itself. You will be able to find many real life situations with which your readers will be able to identify themselves. Draw on human emotions, common to everyone, to give a heartbeat to your book.
Readers can identify with situations they have found themselves in. Perhaps they got lost in Purgatory Chasm and found their hearts pounding, fueled with fear. Drawing on emotions, or descriptive words that bring the moment to life, like cutting through a lemon which has been rolled first to make it so juicy that cutting through it gets lemon juice all over the cutting board and on your fingers, with a taste so tart that your eyes water, can make your mouth salivate just reading the sentence. If readers can identify with your book, they are sure to buy it.
Have you used a real place in your fiction work?
About the Author:
Linda Hourihan is an international Holistic Health Counselor/Practitioner, former feature writer for The Milford Daily News, Laconia Daily Sun and Connecticut Post, author of The Virtue of Virtues, and former owner of The Massage Clinic with over 8,000 appointments to her clinic. She lives with her author husband, John T. Hourihan, Jr., and lives among the beautiful lakes and forests of Massachusetts.
Connect with her on her website and on Twitter.
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